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RFID wristbands are wristbands identified by radio frequency technology. In addition to the functions of general wristbands: uniqueness and identification, they can also perform remote sensing and identification through the chip inside the wristband, so as to know the identity in formation of the person.The innovative structure and good environmental adaptability make it widely used in various occasions, such as hotels, hospitals, gyms, music festivals, sports events, etc.

Application Scenarios of RFID Wristbands

Hotel Management

Used for payment, access control and activity areas.The wristband is not only a room card, but also has a quick payment function.

Guests can also upload pictures of the hotel and activities to Facebook with the help of RFID technology, which brings extraordinary exposure to the hotel and provides guests with a valuable interactive experience.

Medical Industry

The patient will wear a medical wristband, which is mainly used to identify the patient's personal identity, and can be used for hospitalization, nursing rounds, medication, drip sample collection, entry and exit management, payment, catering work management, etc.

Event Management

For large-scale events such as concerts, sports events, and conferences, RFID wristbands are smart and convenient tickets that can be quickly entered by participants, and are less likely to be printed and forged than traditional tickets.

Entertainment Center Management

RFID wristbands can be used in entertainment centers such as swimming pools, gyms, water parks, amusement parks and theaters to implement all-round real-time monitoring and management.

Replace paper tickets, serve as hotel room keys, payment accounts, fast queue bookings and record visitor location information.

Transportation Application

The RFID wristband has a payment function, so it can be used directly as a bus or metro card. 

Social Media Interaction

 Customers can link their social media accounts to their wristbands, allowing organizers and brands to introduce their event and improves the wearer's experience. It also enables them to check in, like and tweet, share photos and videos and more.

RFID wristbands work by using this communication between the tag and the reader to provide a unique identification for the user. When the user comes into proximity of a reader, the reader emits radio waves, which are received by the tag's antenna. The tag then sends its unique identification code back to the reader, which can then be used for a variety of purposes, such as granting access to an event or recording attendance at a gym.

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