Huawei Share OneHop

How to use the one-touch transmission function of Huawei Share?

To use the one-touch transmission function of Huawei Share, please connect your mobile phone and computer first, and the steps are as follows:

1. Turn on the computer's WLAN and Bluetooth, and make sure the computer manager is working.
2. Pull down the phone status bar and light up NFC, WLAN and Bluetooth.
3. Touch the Huawei Share label on the lower right corner of the notebook on the NFC area on the back of the phone, and keep it until the phone prompts sound or vibration.

4. Click Connect in the window that pops up on the mobile phone, and follow the prompts on the computer interface to complete the connection between the mobile phone and the computer.
5. After the connection is completed, you can use the Huawei Share one-touch transfer function to transfer pictures, videos, and documents. One-touch transfer supports images in png, jpg, and bmp formats, but does not support web formats.


Advantages of Huawei Share one-touch transmission, mobile phone and computer one-touch transmission

1. No data cable, no third-party software and platform, etc., just touch the phone and computer.
2. The mobile phone and the notebook can transfer to each other without consuming data traffic, even if there is no network, they can transfer to each other.
3. Instant mutual transfer, mobile phone photos and videos can be taken and uploaded to the notebook immediately, pictures on the notebook and screenshots of the current window (including the lock screen interface) can be uploaded to the mobile phone immediately.
4. Up to 500 photos or videos can be transferred from the mobile phone to the notebook at one time, and the size is not limited, and the quality will not be compressed.

Dec 24, 2020



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